Ep 237: Raccoons, brains, hands, and clever disguise

Raccoons, brains, hands, and clever disguise

Raccoons have surprisingly crowded little heads. With as many neurons as a similar sized monkey, these furry little bandits have nimble hands, and a knack for cheating on intelligence tests.

Here are two videos of Raccoons doing their thing.

Racoon Demonstrates Problem Solving Skills

Meet the raccoons that solved an ancient puzzle

Here’s an article about the way some raccoons “cheated” on an intelligence test.

Raccoons Pass Famous Aesop’s Fable Test—By Upending It

Here’s an article about how many neurons raccoons have.

Dogs (and raccoons) have the most neurons

And here’s a thing on the evolution of the raccoon.

Biogeography of Raccoon (Procyon lotor)