Ep 236: Brains on the wing

Ep 236: Brains on the wing

Brains on the wing

If you compare brain size to body size, some animals have much more brain per pound than others. That includes the primates, who climb and swing through the trees. It also includes parrots and ravens and crows, who fly through the trees. Join us as we talk about some surprisingly sophisticated bird brains.

Here are a few talks about some smart birds, and some of the smart things they do.

Crows, smarter than you think

The fascinating intelligence of birds

Ravens and the evolution of intelligence

Here’s a page on crows, ravens, and how to tell them apart.

Similar Species: Crows and Ravens

Here’s a page on the evolution of intelligence in birds.

Cognitive ornithology: the evolution of avian intelligence

And here’s an article about the comet Phil told us about in his somewhat intermittent news segment.

Newly discovered comet is likely interstellar visitor

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