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Ep 220: Wagging tongues over taste

Wagging tongues over taste

Researching this episode made me so hungry! Today, phil and I talk about your tongue, a berry that makes sour things sweet, mice in mid yum, and your brain and the sense of taste.
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Ep 219: Balance


You hardly notice it unless something goes wrong, but your sense of balance relies on most of your other senses to work, and uses all sorts of interesting bits of your interesting brain. Along with sleeping birds, bionic men, and beer bottles, Phil and I talk about your sense of balance.
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Ep 218: Touching on touch

Touching on touch

Throughout your body, you have nerves. These send signals about the world through your spinal cord, and into your brain. More than just what you feel, your sense of touch includes temperature, pressure, the position of your body, and a bit about what your internal organs are up to today. We continue our look at your senses and your brain with an episode that touches on touch.
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