Ep 221: Your brain smells

Ep 221: Your brain smells

Your brain smells

From finding good food, to recognizing familiar people and places, to choosing a good person to make babies with, today we talk about your surprisingly useful sense of smell.

Here’s an article about how your nose can regrow the nerves you need in order to smell things.

When Smell Cells Fail they Call in Stem Cell Reserves

Here’s a bit about the sense of smell from someone who studies the sense of smell.

on the sense of smell and why you should never drink wine with a straw

Here’s an article about studying the sense of smell in insects, and how that helps us understand it in humans.

How the Brain Smells

Here are a few articles on how smell gets into your brain, and where it goes once it gets there.

How smell works

With Which Part of The Brain Do We smell?

Taste and Smell

And just for fun, here’s an article on how cats cannot taste sweetness.

Strange but True: Cats Cannot Taste Sweets

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