Ep 220: Wagging tongues over taste

Ep 220: Wagging tongues over taste

Wagging tongues over taste

Researching this episode made me so hungry! Today, phil and I talk about your tongue, a berry that makes sour things sweet, mice in mid yum, and your brain and the sense of taste.

Here’s a short video about synsepalum dulcificum, the fruit that changes sour tastes into sweetness.

Miracle Fruit: How to Trick Your Taste Buds

Here’s a couple of articles that talk about stimulation of the brain changing the way taste is perceived by mice.

Taste Comes From The Brain, Not The Tongue, Scientists Discover

How taste is perceived in the brain

Here’s a thing on how several senses come together in your gustatory cortex, the part of your brain that deals with taste and flavor and hunger and fullness and disgust and and and…

The gustatory cortex and multisensory integration

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