Ep 215: What is a cortex?

What is a cortex?

From the Latin word for tree bark, “cortex” refers to the outer most layer of an organ. In the brain, the outer most layer is made of several layers of neurons. That’s true in the cerebellum, in the cerebellar cortex; and the cerebrum, in the better known cerebral cortex. Today, we take a look at how these separate areas of cortex work together, and talk about the six layers of your neocortex.

Here’s a link to more details about the cerebellum, including the three layers of the cerebellar cortex.

The cerebellum | Morphology of Nervous System

Here’s a short two minute video about the motor cortex, which is part of your neo cortex, which is part of your cerebral cortex, which is part of your cerebrum, which is part of your brain.

Motor Cortex

And here are a couple of things with more info about your cerebral cortex.

The cerebral cortex | Morphology of Nervous System

The Cerebral Cortex