ep 214: What’s this “cerebellum” thing for?

ep 214: What’s this “cerebellum” thing for?

What’s this “cerebellum” thing for?

It’s sitting underneath your cerebrum, this odd bulge behind the brainstem. Only ten percent of your brains total volume, it has more than 75 percent of the neurons. What is the cerebellum, and what does it use all those neurons for?

Here’s a link to a video that gives you an overview of the cerebellum, and the classic ideas about its role in movement.

Cerebellum | Organ Systems

Here’s an article that compares the number of neurons in the human brain, to imagined scaled up rodent and primate brains. Turns out the human cerebral cortex is a bit smaller than expected, and our cerebellum a bit larger.

The Human Brain in Numbers: A Linearly Scaled-up Primate Brain

Here’s an article about patterns of activity in your cerebellum while you are sleeping.

The Sleeping Cerebellum

And here’s a longish thing, with several different authors who talk about a more modern take on the cerebellum, and it’s possible roles in movement, your senses, thinking, and emotion.

The Cerebellum’s Role in Movement and Cognition

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