Ep 213: Reverse engineering the brain… ish

Ep 213: Reverse engineering the brain… ish

Reverse engineering the brain… ish

Let’s see… How does this “brain” thing work exactly? Maybe we could build something brain-like, something that would act as though it has a mind. Hmmm… In a conversation that rambles through blind cavefish, dancing pigeons, Alaskan turtles, cribbage, and potato chips, Phil and I talk about reverse engineering the human brain. Bwa ha ha!

Here’s a link to an article about cave fish that have lost their eyes.

Cavefish and the basis for eye loss

Here are a couple of videos about the naïve Bayes algorithm.

S1E14 of 5 Minutes With Ingo: Naïve Bayes

Text Categorization with Naive Bayes

And here’s that thing about bird brains.

Scientists find homolog of mammalian neocortex in bird brain

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