Ep 216: the stuff between your ears, including the ears

Ep 216: the stuff between your ears, including the ears

the stuff between your ears, including the ears

From the shape of your ears to bits of your brain, and just a little bit about fish for some reason, have a listen to how we listen.

In this episode, I speak briefly about the vOICe. Here’s a roughly five-minute demo of this app that turns camera images into sound, so that the blind can see with their ears.

Ep 19: Can you hear what I see?

Here’s a link to the vOICe website.


Here’s a video that explains how the ear turns sounds into brain activity.

Journey of Sound to the Brain

Here’s something on what the brain does with the sound once it’s inside the brain.

How the brain processes auditory signals

Here’s a video with details on the funny little snail-shaped thing in your inner ear called the “cochlea.”

The Cochlea

Here’s a jargon heavy thing on the amplification of sound that happens within the cochlea.

Cochlear amplification, outer hair cells and prestin

Here’s a bit about the cochlear nucleus.

Cochlear Nucleus

Here’s some stuff on fish hearing.

Can Fish Hear?

How do Fish Hear?

More heavy jargon, about cerebellum like structures in fish that hear, sense the motion of water, and can sense electricity.

The Cerebellum and Cerebellum-Like Structures of Cartilaginous Fishes

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