Ep 14: A monkey matrix

Ep 14: A monkey matrix

A monkey matrix

Today, we examine the work of Miguel Nicolelis, who has been researching a computer brain interface.

In this article, we learn of how a monkey was able to move a robotic arm with its thoughts.

Monkey Think, Robot Do

This 15-minute tedtalk covers many years of his work, including how monkeys have been connected to a virtual world, with both input and output running directly to and from the monkey’s brain.

Miguel Nicolelis: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts.

If that isn’t strange enough, here’s work from 2013, when two rat brains were networked together.

New Research Suggests Two Rat Brains Can Be Linked – The New York Times

A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information

Finally, we have the BBC article on when a paraplegic used a robotic exoskeleton to deliver the 2014 World Cup’s ceremonial first kick.

Paraplegic in robotic suit kicks off World Cup – BBC News

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