ep 13: Jucing up the brain

ep 13: Jucing up the brain

juicing up the brain

During today’s episode, I became confused as to the date at which thing got published when. I got it now. If only I’d had one of these devices to help.

Here’s the first article I read on Allan Snyder’s work, published in 2003. It’s an article in The New York Times, and a quick but enjoyable read. I don’t have a link to the first actual academic paper of his that I went through.

Savant for a Day

Here’s a paper Allan Snyder published in 2009 that covers much of his work over several years.

Explaining and inducing savant skills: privileged access to lower level, less-processed information

Here’s a longish video put out by the world science festival in 2015.

Spark of Genius? Awakening a Better Brain

And last but not least, a company that provides completely unregulated devices that you can use at home to stimulate your brain for somewhere between roughly 150 and 600 dollars American. If you don’t mind that nobody has any idea what the long-term effects might turn out to be, and that no one is regulating these devices.

focus tDCS Brain Stimulation Devices – take charge™

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