Ep 146: Trees eyes and antlers

Ep 146: Trees eyes and antlers

Trees eyes and antlers

Sometimes, very different organisms can end up having traits in common, even though they didn’t share those traits with an ancestor. Instead, different systems, solving similar problems, can come up with similar answers.

Here’s a link to the episode on eyes.

Ep 78: Eyes

Here’s a link to an article about the similarities between human and squid eyes.

How Humans And Squid Evolved To Have The Same Eyes

Here’s a link to an episode about a large single-celled creature that came up with leaf like structures.

Ep 141: The largest of the small

Here are the best links I could find about the antlered fly. There was surprisingly little information about them on the internet.

The amazing flies of the genus Richardia

Archives – Feisty Fruit Flies

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