A table of lacking contents

A table of lacking contents

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This is my table of lacking contents. Some of it will become links, some of it may be changed renamed or moved about, but here’s where we’re going.

Table of contents:

We said hello… more or less

Table of contents

Turing machines.

An alphabet you know

The prime, and only, directive.

Adding by subtracting

What the machine needs to do.

A bit of binary

An optimistic gear design

A counting machine with half full gears

Turning the counter into an adder

Of subtraction and distraction

Loops, and multiplying by subtracting

If else and dealing with negatives

Steam, valves, cogs and cams

The cam tape

The counting machine with steam and pistons and valves

Going the other direction

Stopping in the right place

Division with subtraction

Dealing with negatives

Zero, the deadly devisor

The halting problem

Step by step

Binary and negative numbers

Going in the right direction

Moving data

Subtraction with steam

Writing to the tape

Picking the right direction

Starting over

Hello world

Special addresses

Doing it all with subtraction

Copying buffers

A special address with steam

A faster, and bigger, design

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