Water or steam? to build my computing machine?

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A “steampunk computer,” is apparently a style of home or work station. I kind of want one, but… When I think “steampunk” I think actual steam. Or tech on that level, hugely complex, and able to magickly work somehow, instead of falling apart, seizing up and exploding.

I think I can build one.

Whirring, clunking, banging and hissing—let’s skip all that newfangled electricity, and design a mechanical computer.

I’m not doing this in the garage; I’m doing this in your head. Things in the garage have an unfortunate tendency to fall apart, seize up and explode.

I’d like to walk through how a computer computes. Partly because I’ve always wanted to read something like this, and partly because I won’t really have it figured out until I’ve walked through it.

If you can add and subtract, you have all the math you’ll need.

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