Ep 49: The cyborg Olympics

Ep 49: The cyborg Olympics

The cyborg Olympics

Special thanks to @seeingwithsound, creators of the vOICe, (see episode 19,) for telling me about this one.

In 2016, competitors came together to strive for the gold. The only thing is, these athletes used their brains, interfaced with computers, in order to compete.

Here’s an article about the cyborg Olympics that I first read when @seeingwithsound shared it on twitter.

How We Won Gold in the Cyborg Olympics’ Brain Race

Here’s a link to episode 14, when I talked about some of the early developments of the technology the competitors used.

Ep 14: A monkey matrix

Here’s a ted talk that demonstrates the technology.

A headset that reads your brainwaves

And finally, here are a couple of commercially available devices.

g.GAMMAsys – Active electrode system with comfortable cap and a very high signal quality.

g.USBamp-RESEARCH – g.tec’s high performance biosignal amplifier, acquisition and processing system.

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