Ep 50: Let’s celebrate, with balloons!

Ep 50: Let’s celebrate, with balloons!

Let’s celebrate, with balloons!

The first manned flight of a hot air balloon took place in France in 1783. However, sky lanterns, paper and wood hot air balloons that don’t carry people, have been around in China since as early as 300 BC. Why did it take ever so long? During the research for episode 37, I became interested in the subject of balloon powered flight. Join me as I talk about what I found, just for fun.

Here’s an article on the BOOMERanG experiment, which is what got me on this kick in the first place.

BOOMERanG Balloon Flight Sees A Flat Universe Filled With Dark Energy

Here’s an article on a record set for highest skydive, set in 1960 by a fellow who jumped from a balloon.

Inside the Original Space Dive

Here’s a video on the same subject.

Sky Dive From The Edge Of Space (1960)

Here’s a page and video for when the record was broken, a jump from a balloon at 128,000 feet.

Felix Baumgartner | Red Bull Stratos

Felix Jumps At 128k feet!

Here’s an article on how you can build your own sky lantern.

Candle Powered Hot Air Balloon

Have an article on the Nazca lines.

Nasca Lines

And a couple of articles on a hot air balloon, capable of carrying people, built with methods available to the Nazca culture.

Nazca | Julian Nott

Latin American Aerials

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