Ep 225: The front of the front of the front of your brain

The front of the front of the front of your brain

Located at the very front of your brain, your prefrontal cortex is vital for things like your memory, morality, sense of time, and personality. Phil and I talk about, but do not understand, your prefrontal cortex.

Here’s a link with some general info about the prefrontal cortex.

Neuropsychology of prefrontal cortex

Here’s a link to an earlier ep that talked, amongst other things, about Phineas Gage—a man who had an iron bar driven through his brain and lived to talk about it.

Pulsating, broken brains!

Here are several links about brain activity during musical improvisation.

This is Your Brain on Jazz

Rappers’ Brains: Relaxed ‘Executive Function’ May Enable Freestyle Raps

Musical Creativity and the Brain

Here’s a link to an article about brain areas associated with courage.

Your Brain on Courage

And here’s a link to the same area being linked to clinical depression.

The Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Mood Disorders