Ep 205: Pulsating, broken brains!

Ep 205: Pulsating, broken brains!

Pulsating, broken brains!

Much of what we’ve learned about how our brain works came from the results of injury and disease. From the work of an ancient Egyptian doctor, to a roman physician patching up gladiators, to an unfortunate gunpowder accident in 1848, we talk about some of what we’ve learned from the brain about the brain when the brain breaks.

Here’s a timeline about brain science.

History of Neuroscience

It was written for children, but this is a good article no matter what your age on a papyrus from the 17th century BC, containing some notes about the effects of some brain injuries.

Neuroscience for Kids – Ancient “Brain”

Here’s an article about the man who had an iron rod driven through his skull, and survived.

Phineas Gage: Neuroscience’s Most Famous Patient

Here’s an article on methods used to study the brain in the 1800s.

Brain Maps: The Study of Brain Function in the Nineteenth Century

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