Ep 208: Sometimes science isn’t enough

Ep 208: Sometimes science isn’t enough

Sometimes science isn’t enough

The mind body problem, the hard question of consciousness—why do you feel like you to you? Phil and I attempt to bridge the gap between science and philosophy, only to fall down the chasm. We struggle a while with questions that have no answers, mostly because it means we can’t possibly get them wrong. Join us for a talk about consciousness.

Here’s a video by David Chalmers, with his take on consciousness.

Hard Problem of Consciousness — David Chalmers

Here is an article about ways of trying to figure out what the brain is doing while you’re conscious.

The hard problem of consciousness is a distraction from the real one

Here’s an article about Anton–Babinski syndrome.

Eyes Are Useless When the Mind Is Blind

And here are a couple articles about blindsight.

Blindsight Used in Everyday Life Scenes

Blindsight and Unconscious Vision

Here’s an FMRI study on brain activity and consciousness.

Human consciousness is supported by dynamic complex patterns of brain signal coordination

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