Ep 404: Ouch!

Ep 404: Ouch!


13 types of damage in dungeons and dragons, let’s see how many of them we can find amongst actual living creatures.

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Girls Who Don’t DND.

Here’s a bit on chicken hypnosis.

Can You Hypnotize a Chicken?

Here’s an article about the firefly that tricks and eats other fireflies.

Firefly “femmes fatales” acquire defensive steroids (lucibufagins) from their firefly?prey

Here’s a silly bit on cats and cucumbers.

Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers

Here are a couple of articles about the Rio Tinto, a brightly colored acidic river.

Eukaryotic Organisms in Extreme Acidic Environments, the Río Tinto Case

Why the Red River-The Río Tinto in Spain fascinates scientists?

Here’s a video about several acid shooting animals.

These Invertebrates Shoot Acid

Here’s an article about Japanese honey bees, and how they use heat to defend their hive.

Key genes enable Japanese honey bees to roast hornets

Here’s something on how animals use electricity.

The shocking ways wild animals use electricity

Here’s a video and an article about the sperm whale and it’s oh so very loud voice.

Feeling the Force of Sperm Whales Ultrasound

Is it true that sperm whales stun giant squid with sonar?

And here’s something on the pistol Shrimp.

Pistol Shrimp sonic weapon

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