Ep 403: To see in the dark

Ep 403: To see in the dark

To see in the dark

In fantasy novels and roll playing games, some characters can see in the dark. What about in real life?

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Girls Who Don’t DND

Here are some articles on human echolocation.

Echolocation: How It Works and How to Learn It

Human click-based echolocation: Effects of blindness and age, and real-life implications in a 10-week training program

Here are some articles about the blind cave fish.

Blind Cave Fish

Sensory Adaptation for a Cavefish

Here are some sites about the star-nosed mole.

Inside the Bizarre Life of the Star-Nosed Mole, World’s Fastest Eater

Learn to smell underwater with the star-nosed mole

Here’s an article about active electrical sensing in some weakly electric fish.

Active electrolocation of objects in weakly electric fish

And a bit about the lovely and talented platypus.

Platypus Electroreception: Revealing the Hidden Powers

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