Ep 341: There’s something on the wing!

Ep 341: There’s something on the wing!

There’s something on the wing!

High winds, a segmented ring and other oddities confound us as we take a trip to Neptune.

Here’s an article about cryovolcanism, like our volcanoes, only much colder.

Cryovolcanism in the Solar System

Here’s a video about Triton and its oddities.

The Bizarre Characteristics of Triton

Here’s an article about the capture of the moon Triton, and how it may have cleared out the Neptunian system.

How Neptune’s Triton Destroyed Nearly All Of Its Moons

Here’s an article about Neptune in general.

Neptune: The farthest planet from our sun

And here are a couple of videos about the eighth planet.

Neptune 101

What If You Fell Into Neptune?

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