Ep 340: Uranus, as a whole

Ep 340: Uranus, as a whole

Uranus, as a whole

Jokes aside, we take a more complete look at Uranus, the sideways planet.

Here are a couple of videos about Uranus.

Uranus 101

The Bizarre Characteristics Of Uranus

Here’s something on the latus rectum, just so you know I’m not making it up.

What is Latus Rectum of Parabola?

Here are a couple of things about how it might be raining diamonds.

Neptune Rains Diamonds, And Now We Might Finally Know How

Diamonds Raining in Uranus and Neptune Planet captured

And here’s an article about the mysterious heating of the Uranian atmosphere.

What Caused the Sudden Heating of Uranus's Atmosphere?

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