Ep 326: Hit and miss missions to Mars

Ep 326: Hit and miss missions to Mars

Hit and miss missions to Mars

Most of the early missions to Mars failed, but by the mid-70s, orbiters circled the red planet, and some landers sat safely on its surface. We also have a look at a few Martian mirages, when astronomers squinting threw telescopes saw things that weren’t actually there.

Here’s an article about the things Astronomers saw that weren’t really on Mars.

Seeing and Interpreting Martian Oceans and Canals

Here’s an article talking about how what were thought to be subsurface liquid water lakes might actually be totally dry beds of clay.

Clays, Not Water, Are Likely Source of Mars ‘Lakes’

Here’s a video about some missions to Mars.

A Brief History of Mars Exploration

And here’s a timeline of Mars missions.

Chronology of Mars Exploration

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