Ep 325: Of time and tides and Mercury

Of time and tides and Mercury

The smallest planet in our solar system is also the fastest and closest to our sun. In fact, on occasion, the sun will reverse direction in Mercury’s skies. Join us for a look at this good thing in a small package.

Here’s a video about Mercury.

Mercury 101

Here’s a NASA page about Mercury.

Overview | Mercury

Here’s somebody else’s page on Mercury.

Mercury, world of extremes

Here’s NASA’s sight on the Mariner 10.

In Depth | Mariner 10

Here’s NASA’s sight on the Messenger.


Here’s a bit about how we learned of Mercury’s unusually large inner core.

Mercury’s Spin and Gravity Reveals the Planet’s Inner Core

And here’s a little something on Mercury’s spin orbital resonance.

Mercury’s Spin-Orbit Resonance