Ep 322: Robots, saving lives and curing cancer

Ep 322: Robots, saving lives and curing cancer

Robots, saving lives and curing cancer

With a side trip to the largest robots in the world, we talk about robots used for search and rescue, and some very small robots being developed to fight illness.

Here’s an article about nanobots, robots that are very tiny, sometimes smaller than cells.

These tiny robots could be disease-fighting machines inside the body

Here’s a sight on a four footed robot for search and rescue.

Why this blind, catlike robot could transform search and rescue

Here are robots that can be dropped from the sky, hit the ground, and keep right on ticking.

These squishy robots are designed to survive falls, save lives

Here’s an article about rescue robots in general.

Robots to the Rescue: Discover the New Generation of Life-saving Robots

Here’s a little bit about the world’s biggest humanoid robot, as of 2019

World’s largest humanoid robot is too tall to leave its warehouse

And finally, here’s something about little motors that can swim around inside cells.

Driving nanomotors through road blocks inside living cells

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