Ep 321: The robot apocalypse is nigh

Ep 321: The robot apocalypse is nigh

The robot apocalypse is nigh

In honor of Halloween, we get just a little bit spooky this week. With more and more robots in the world, and with said robots becoming smarter over time, what happens if they turn against us and start to harm humans? In fact, it has already happened.

Here is a paper on a brain reaction, detectible via EEG, that signals our choice before we’re aware that we’ve made it.

What is the Bereitschaftspotential?

Here’s an article about the same reaction, studied while the participants were bungy jumping.

To jump or not to jump

Here’s an article about the evidence that we might make a choice before we are aware of doing so, bringing the concept of consciousness into question.

Benjamin Libet – a short delay.

Here’s a site on an AI that is less than reasonable about ethics.

Scientists Build AI System to Give Ethical Advice, Turns Out to Be a Bad Idea

Here’s an article about deaths caused by robots.

Robot deaths are nothing new but AI will change everything

Here’s something about how patients have died under robotic knives.

Robot surgeons kill 144 patients, hurt 1,391, malfunction 8,061 times

Here’s info on an AI that was deliberately taught to think of nothing but violent answers.

Scientists Have Created a ‘Psychopath’ AI Called Norman

And here’s an article about a chat bot that learned racism by communicating with humans.

Racist Microsoft AI Breaks Down on Twitter

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