Ep 308: The Challenger’s last flight

Ep 308: The Challenger’s last flight

The Challenger’s last flight

In January of 1986, the space shuttle Challenger came apart 73 seconds after launch. We take a look at what happened and why.

Here’s a sight on the first glide test of the Enterprise.

First free-flight test of space shuttle Enterprise

Here’s a video about the shuttle Carrier Aircraft, or SCA.

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Here’s another video about the SCA.

HOW the 747 carried a SPACE SHUTTLE

And yet another video, with more of the same.

Inside Tour of a Space Shuttle & Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Here’s a sight about the mockup of the space shuttle used to test moving an orbiter about—the space shuttle Pathfinder.

Space Shuttle Pathfinder

And here’s live video of the Challenger disaster.

Challenger Disaster Live on CNN

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