Ep 294: Animals, IN SPACE!

Ep 294: Animals, IN SPACE!

Animals, IN SPACE!

Before humans went into space, animals were sent. We talk about some animal and human astronauts, a little about rockets and a side trip to using nuclear explosions for thrust.

Here’s a site on the history of animals in space.

Mice, Flies, Cats, Dogs and Monkeys: The History of Animals in Space

Here’s a ted talk by the son of one of the people who thought blowing up atom bombs behind the ship would be a good way to make it move.

George Dyson: The story of Project Orion

Here’s some footage of a test craft. It’s a model for project Orion, using conventional explosives

Project Orion Nuclear Propulsion – 1950s Tests

Here’s a bit about the Atlas rockets.

Atlas Missiles and Space Launchers

Here’s a link to info on the Little Joe rocket, which was made by bundling together Sergeant missiles

Little Joe

And here’s a vintage video about Sergeant missiles, which were bundled together to make the Little Joe rockets

MGM-29 Sergeant

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