Ep290: From feathers to flying machines

Ep290: From feathers to flying machines

From feathers to flying machines

The early history of flight is strewn with the wreckage of many strange devices… and the people who invented them. From foolish feathered folk flinging themselves from a far, to the powered and controlled flight pioneered by the Wright brothers, we take a look and how we learned to make the sky our playground.

Here are a couple of links with more information about the history of flight.

The History of Aviation

History of Flight

Here’s a bit about the internal combustion engine.

A brief history of the internal combustion engine

Here’s a couple of links about an early internal combustion engine that used gunpowder for its fuel.

Huygens gun powder engine (lifting boys)

The First Internal Combustion Engine – went with a bang

And here’s more information about the birth of the Diesel engine.

Diesel 101: History of the Diesel Engine and Who Invented it

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