Ep 289: Blast me to the moon

Ep 289: Blast me to the moon

Blast me to the moon

We take a look at the very beginning of rockets, including the somewhat obscure origins of gunpowder. The cherry on the top of our explosive cake is a story about how one man tried to build a huge gun that could launch things into space.

Here’s the rabithole I went down—a sight that explains how to build your own bow and arrows.

Archery, Primitive

Here’s a bit about the history of rockets.

Brief History of Rockets

Here are a couple of sights on the origins and history of gunpowder.

History of Gunpowder

Gunpowder: Origins in the East

Here’s a bit about how big guns developed over time.

12 Key Moments in the History of Artillery

Here’s a sight with more information about the research using a giant gun to fire things to high altitude.

A Brief History of the HARP Project

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