Ep 274: And the wheels keep turning

Ep 274: And the wheels keep turning

And the wheels keep turning

From water wheels to steam engines, to the taming of electricity, join us for another instalment in our episodes about where computers came from.

Here’s something on Francis Bacon’s binary code.

Binary code developed by Francis Bacon in the 17th century

Here’s a little about Otto von Guericke, the inventor of the air pump, and a generator for static electricity.

Otto von Guericke | Prussian physicist, engineer, and philosopher

Here’s an article about pumps.

Pumped Up | Science History Institute

Here’s an article about the early history of the steam engine.

Steam Engine History

Here’s a biography of James Watt, who turned the condensing steam engine into the new workhorse of the industrial revolution.

Watt Biography

And here’s an article on the industrial revolution.

Industrial Revolution: Definitions, Causes & Inventions

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