Ep 250: Just after the beginning

Ep 250: Just after the beginning

Just after the beginning

The standard model of cosmology has been worked out, slowly and painfully and oh so very carefully. Only trouble is, some recent observations don’t quite match what the theory predicts. Join us for a timeline of the early universe, and some of what doesn’t quite match what we were expecting.

Here’s some very good background on the big bang and the standard model.

Our Expanding Universe: Age, History & Other Facts

Here’s an article on the oddball results of examining the cosmic microwave background radiation.

The Mystery of Cosmic Cold Spots Just Got Even Weirder

Here’s a short video on gravitational lensing, and how we use it.

How are Distant Galaxies Magnified Through Gravitational Lensing?

Here are a couple of articles about what we’ve seen by peering through gravitational lenses.

Some of the universe’s first stars have actually been seen

Universe Quickly Spawned Stars After Big Bang, Ancient Galaxy Shows

Here are a couple of articles about using radio to find very early stars.

Astronomers detect the first stars in the universe

Astronomers May Have Found the First Stars Born After the Big Bang

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