Ep 247: In the beginning, part 2: the lost episode

Ep 247: In the beginning, part 2: the lost episode

In the beginning, part 2.

After covering history and background in the last episode, we can relax and play with the strange ideas and concepts surrounding the theory of the big bang. The event horizon around our universe, the way that time flows differently depending on where you are, how parts of the early universe may have run away and become impossible to observe, and even a theory we propose with no math and fewer reasons.

Here’s what happens when general relativity and quantum physics mix.

The Worst Theoretical Prediction in the History of Physics

Here’s something on where the name “big bang” came from.

Big Bang: the etymology of a name

Since Brad’s silly notion involves black holes, here’s something about them.

A brief history of black holes

Here’s something on how time dilation has to be compensated for by GPS satellites.

timedilation and gps

Here’s an article about the inflationary model—what it is and why we need it.

The Origins of the Universe: Inflation Introduction

And here’s something on how the universe seems to be speeding up again.

Hubble Hints Today’s Universe Expands Faster Than it Did in the Past

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