Ep 241: How and why the dorg are doomed

Ep 241: How and why the dorg are doomed

How and why the dorg are doomed

It seems like such a simple and obvious thing. Given that we can cause computer programs and the like to evolve and evolution is what gave us our intelligence, couldn’t we give a computer intelligence by letting it evolve? The experiment has been done, in project after project, by one group after another, (including one of your hosts)—and yet, somehow, it never quite happens… Why not?

Here’s the animation Brad brings up, with some very pretty images of very interesting evolved virtual creatures in simulated environments.

Evolved Virtual Creatures, Evolution Simulation, 1994

Here’s an introduction to the digital organisms that Brad made.

Introducing the dorg

And here are a few videos of the dorg, after they were evolved to perform a very simple task—move toward a target.

part 1 of 4

part 2 of 4

part 3 of 4

part 4 of 4

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