Ep 233: Whales, songs and cerebrum

Ep 233: Whales, songs and cerebrum

Whales, songs and cerebrum

The largest creatures on the planet also have some good-sized brains. Why? What do they do with such large brains and how did they get them in the first place?

Here’s a video about the evolution of whales.

The Evolution Of Whales

Here are a couple of articles about the ichthyosaurs, reptiles that returned to the ocean like the ancestor of the whales did for mammals.

The Evolutionary History of Ichthyosaurs

Brain of ancient sea creature reconstructed by undergraduate researcher

Here’s a bit about whale songs.

Whale Songs in the South Pacific

And here’s a short sample of whale song.

Humpback whale song from Monterey Bay

Here’s a talk about dolphin language.

on dolphin talk

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