Ep 200: will robots rule the world?

Ep 200: will robots rule the world?

will robots rule the world?

If we were to create an artificial intelligence that’s more intelligent than we are, would it take over and force us into extinction? Can a machine have a mind equal to or even better than our own? Today, we take a look at such questions, along with some side trips to sharks and whales and monkeys, and rocks and chocolate. I swear the candy thing really was relevant; I just got distracted.

Here’s a video about the chimps who did better at a working memory test than humans.

Chimp vs Human!

Here’s an article with more detail about the chimpanzee working memory tests.

Working memory of numerals in chimpanzees

Here’s some more info about how sometimes injury or illness can lead to a sudden improvement in mental capabilities.

The “Acquired” Savant

Here’s a panel discussion on using electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain to improve performance.

Spark of Genius?

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