Ep 190: A farewell to Phil

Ep 190: A farewell to Phil

A farewell to Phil

Sadly, my brother Phil is leaving the show. We spent this episode just chatting about the show and a number of other things.

First off, here’s a link to the mud server, where you can play the rather slapdash game that we have up at the moment.

The game

I mentioned the vOICe, but didn’t explain much about it. Here’s the article I wrote about the vOICe for astonishing tales.

Look Mom, No Eyes!

Here’s the category about the vOICe on this site.

the vOICe and sensory substitution

And here’s a link to the vOICe homepage.


I also talked about my digital organisms, so here’s a link to that category on this site.

Digital organisms

And here’s a link to an article about Sophia, a social robot.

Sophia the robot’s complicated truth

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