Ep 177: The one-year anniversary of The Lab

The one-year anniversary of The Lab

It’s been a year since the first episode of this podcast came out. To celebrate, I had my brother Phil join me. We talked of the show and science and a little bit about sensory substitution and the vOICe. The conversation lasted for about a half hour. I edited it down to roughly ten minutes. It’s a little disjointed, but then again, so are we. I hope you have at least half as much fun listening as we had recording.

2 thoughts on “Ep 177: The one-year anniversary of The Lab

  1. Listened to multiple times, and i know this is entertaining to us. I hope it is also just entertaining period, but as I am me and entertained, how would I ever know if I wasn’t me that it is still entertaining to not-us. For an anniversary, though, celebrate and almost-don’t-care.


    1. The seeing with sound guy tweeted the episode with the note that we talked about it five minutes in. That means he listened to it, and didn’t think it was too awful to be associated with it. I haven’t tweeted the episode out yet, except by retweeting what he did. I wonder how he figured out that the episode was even up.

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