Ep 110: Better and better

Ep 110: Better and better

Better and better

Computers are being used to design computers. The better our computers and their tools get, the better computers and tools they can produce. But it wasn’t always an easy path. Today we look at the VAX9000. It used a system called “SID” to generate part of its design. SID was an expert system, and it was outperforming the human engineers, some of whom refused to work with it. The company that created the VAX9000 didn’t do well, and was eventually acquired by Compaq, after divestment of its major assets.

Here’s a video Digital Equipment Corporation produced for its sales department in 1991, 7 years before the company failed.

VAX 9000 Sales Video

Here’s an article about the previous VAX8800 series, and Digital Equipment’s move into the main frame market.


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