Ep 85: When your partner moves in

Ep 85: When your partner moves in

When your partner moves in

Many life forms live in partnership with other organisms. The cooperative relationship is called symbiosis. Sometimes, one of the cooperating creatures lives inside of the other, even inside the cells. When one creature lives inside of another one that it cooperates with, it is called endosymbiosis. Today, we take a look at a few examples.

Here’s a review of endosymbiosis, with many examples.


Here’s a couple of articles about Salamanders and algae—the only known vertebrate case of endosymbiosis where the symbionts live within the vertebrate cells.

Algae that live inside the cells of salamanders are the first known vertebrate endosymbionts

Scientists Just Found a Completely New Kind of Symbiotic Relationship

Here are a couple of academic papers on the recently discovered cellular symbiosis between salamanders and algae.

Intracellular invasion of green algae in a salamander host

Transcriptome analysis illuminates the nature of the intracellular interaction in a vertebrate-algal symbiosis

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