Ep 83: By request, the Venus flytrap

Ep 83: By request, the Venus flytrap

By request, the Venus flytrap

We move and eat via our nerves and muscles, but there are some plants that have no nerves and no muscles, and yet they still move and eat. Today, we talk about the Venus flytrap, and how it why it does what it does.

Special thanks to @StoneyJehker34, for the question and the topic.

Here’s a video showing the Venus flytrap in action.


Here are a couple of articles about this interesting little plant.

The Mysterious Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytraps Are Even Creepier Than We Thought

Here’s a paper on how the plant counts touches against its trigger hairs to decide how much substance to produce to digest its prey.

The Venus Flytrap Dionaea muscipula Counts Prey-Induced Action Potentials to Induce Sodium Uptake

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