Ep 346: Ah, those babbling bacteria

Ep 346: Ah, those babbling bacteria

Ah, those babbling bacteria

We begin a new subseries this week on language and communication. For starters, let’s have a looksee at how single-celled organisms chat.

Here’s a quick video about the bobtail squid.

Facts: The Bobtail Squid

Here’s an article, rather technical, on how glowing bacteria influence the development of their bobtail squid host.

Glowing bacteria in Hawaiian bobtail squid cause changes throughout host

Here’s a quick reference page about aliivibrio fischeri.

Better Know a Microbe: Aliivibrio fischeri

And here’s a long and technical video about the glowing bugs and their bobtail host.

The Hawaiian bobtail squid – Vibrio Fischeri association

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