Ep 335: Saturn’s rings and things

Ep 335: Saturn’s rings and things

Saturn’s rings and things

You can’t look at Saturn without noticing the rings. So, we take a closer look at Saturn’s rings. The episode ended up a bit longer than usual as the closer you look at them, the more complicated they become.

Here’s a video about one way Saturn may have got it’s spectacular rings.

How Saturn Got Its Rings

Here’s a calculator and explanation for how to calculate centrifugal force.

Centrifugal Force Calculator

Here’s a site about how and why you weigh slightly less on Earth’s equator than at the poles.

Do I weigh less on the equator than at the North Pole?

Here’s a site on how to find how far and how fast you’re falling.

Determining How Fast? and How Far?

Here’s a site on the Cassini Grand Finale.

Cassini’s Death Dive into Saturn Reveals Weird Ring ‘Rain’ & Other Surprises

Here’s a site on Saturn’s weirdest ring, the F ring.

Saturn’s Weirdest Ring Explained

Here’s an article about the spokes.

Spinning spokes in Saturn’s rings

And here’s something on the two moons around Saturn that swop orbits every four years or so.

The Orbital Dance of Epimetheus and Janus

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