Ep 319: Hey robot, get a job!

Ep 319: Hey robot, get a job!

Hey robot, get a job!

From the birth of wireless, to the first industrial robot—it’s about time we put these robots to work.

For background on the development of computers, starting from the stone age, check out the following episode.

Ep270: Stone age computers

Here’s a couple of articles about Nikola Tesla’s remote control boat.

In 1898 Nikola Tesla tricked an entire crowd into believing they could control a boat by shouting commands – in fact he invented Radio Control and piloted the boat himself

Tesla’s toy boat: A drone before its time

Here’s a site on a slightly more advanced form of remote control that ended up being a flash in the pan.

The Telekino of Torres-Quevedo

And here’s a site on the first industrial robot put to work, the Unimate.

Unimate – The First Industrial Robot

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