Ep 32: I’m superstitious about placebos

Ep 32: I’m superstitious about placebos

I’m superstitious about placebos

I was chatting with Antony, (@AntonyTheReal_) about the show and the recent episodes about the placebo effect. He wondered if you could take a placebo, know it’s a placebo, and still get some benefit from doing so. It turns out that you can.

It happens to be Antony’s birthday, and he happened to be interviewed in episode 2 of “The Lobby.” Happy birthday!

Here’s an article where the placebo effect and a labeled placebo was used to help suffers of IBS.

Placebo effect works even if patients know they’re getting a sham drug

Here’s another article where the results were replicated for suffers of lower back pain.

Placebos Can Work Even If You Know They’re Placebos

And here’s an article wherein a study found that a placebo that is known to be a placebo can help reduce the pain of migraine headaches. And the study wasn’t even trying to study that.

What’s in a Sugar Pill? Maybe More Than You Think

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