Ep 304: A space station in Parel, and cannons in orbit

A space station in Parel, and cannons in orbit

America’s Skylab space station was badly damaged during its launch. Meanwhile the USSR launch several space stations, some of which worked better than others.

Here’s a page with a nice overview of the Skylab program.

Skylab Paved Way for International Space Station

Here’s a site about Russia’s first space stations.

Russia’s early space stations

Here’s a bit about the MOL program—space stations that never had anyone in them.

NASA Benefits from MOL Cancellation

Here’s a bit about the only cannon ever fired in space, and how that test relates to international law.

The Almaz military space station and outer space military laws

Here’s another page about Skylab.

Skylab – America’s First Space Station

And here’s a site, with all the numbers, on how hot and cold a metal plate in low Earth orbit will get.

Estimating the Temperature of a Flat Plate in Low Earth Orbit