Ep 302: Apollo FORE-teen

Ep 302: Apollo FORE-teen

Apollo FORE-teen

Apollo fourteen was a mission that went almost entirely according to plan. It included the moon trees, and the only person to play golf on the moon’s surface so far.

Here’s NASA’s page on the Apollo 14 mission.

Apollo 14

Here’s an article about the moon trees.

Moon Trees Stand as Living Testaments to First Voyages to Moon

Here’s an article about the Apollo 11 quarantine.

Apollo 11 Astronauts Spent 3 Weeks in Quarantine, Just in Case of Moon Plague

Here’s a lengthy thing that explains more than you ever wanted to know about the Apollo program’s quarantine and decontamination procedures.


Here’s an article about golf on the moon.

Alan Shepard smacked golf balls on the Moon — and now we know where they landed

And here’s a clip of an astronaut as he played a little golf.

Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball on the Moon

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