Ep 267: Forest, fins and feet

Ep 267: Forest, fins and feet

Forest, fins and feet

Giant Mushrooms, the first forests, 28 foot long armored fish hunting sharks who were hunting smaller fish. In shallow streams and ponds, some fish were changing, becoming better at breathing air. They developed fins that could support their weight out of the water, if only for a little while at a time. By the end of the Devonian period, the fish that would become us crawled out of the water and went for a walk.

Here’s an article about the giant mushroom fossils.

Mystery prehistoric fossil verified as giant fungus

Here’s an article about a shark who lived during the Devonian.


Here’s a larger fish that likely hunted the shark.


Here’s a couple of articles about the earliest known live birth.

Fossil reveals oldest live birth

Fossil fish shows oldest live birth

Here are several videos that together, cover boney fish, the lobed finned fish, and how those fish developed into animals that walked on land, rather than living their lives in the water.

Early Vertebrate Evolution – 4.1 – Introduction to Osteichthyes

Early Vertebrate Evolution – 4.2 – The Lobe Finned Fishes

Early Vertebrate Evolution – 4.3 – Primitive Tetrapods

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