Ep 265: By tooth and scale

By tooth and scale

The Silurian period was warm, and compared to the periods around it, rather gentle. Plants on land became a bit more sophisticated, with roots and stems and the ability to move water an nutrients around their bodies. Giant sea scorpions, the largest arthropods of all time, cruised the waters, probably chowing down on our early vertebrate ancestors. The fish developed jaws and moved into fresh water, and apparently, Changed some scales into teeth.

Here are a couple of articles with general information about the Silurian.

The Silurian Period: Plants Move Onto Land, Giant Sea Scorpions

Silurian Period Information and Facts

And here’s some articles about how our teeth may have come from modified fish scales.

Teeth evolved from fish scales say Cambridge researchers

Fish scale development: Hair today, teeth and scales yesterday?

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  1. Happy anniversary! I started listening just before Phil joined the show and I don’t make it usually to the website, but just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the show. It’s highly entertaining and I love how much you two laugh while learning. Keep up the great work.

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